Love story #1

Hide and seek:

With a positive presumption that I will make my readers to wait curiously for every upcoming posts, I am commencing with an imaginative love story built with few of my real life incidents. Here comes the beginning of many more to come..,


Myself Aditiya, a charming 20-year-old guy pursuing his bachelor’s degree. Until that day, I was quite happy to spend my time on grounds and with my teammates. I was doing fair as a hockey player and my team got into the conversation of some good old veterans after some sensational performances in the domestic circuit. This is how I (as well as my teammates) got a chance to travel to Madurai and this daydream of every boy became true to me.

It was September 12, 2015, a fine evening with occasional drizzling while I went deep into my novel sitting by the window seat of a crowed train on my way to Madurai. My peaceful journey was disturbed by the unlikely rain and what else I could do; closed my novel, irritated enough to jump into my upper berth. And on the way up, I found my girl standing by the door. She was short and surely damn cute in her blue top and white leggings. Her calm face, chubby cheeks and pony tail kept me staring at her while my friends stared at me thinking, “what is this idiot doing, half climbed to the top berth?”.

She seemed to be enjoying the rain with her headphones on (probably Rahman I thought). By the way she stared the fields, I would say she had profound thoughts going on inside her mind. Her eyes never met anything other than the fields outside. No matter what she was thinking, I started praying to god that she shouldn’t have a brother or boyfriend in the size of Brutus. Meanwhile my friends started cracking jokes about me.

I wonder girls have that power to sense if someone is looking at them. All of a sudden her eyes pointed at me, She got me red handed staring at her and all calmness in her face faded in seconds to inform me she that got annoyed. I was not good at girls, it doesn’t mean I had no girl friends but that moment was awkward for me. I blushed for a moment and climbed up suddenly. Her eyes returned to the fields but her thoughts could not. Now she was not so candid and conscious about somebody staring at her like anything.

Occasionally she was checking at me and I was clever enough to hide and escape for few times. The second time she caught me made me to grin and I didn’t blush away this time. She tried her best to give me an angry face and failed in the attempt. However, her reaction to that failure was prettier than she ever could be. Eventually she broke her lips to smile at the situation (may be at me too).

She was pretending to look away from me and there she is revealing the naughtier side in her. I got surprised at the same time clueless to her smiles. “Oh  God! She looks gorgeous” I said to myself. We arrived at the next nearest junction in another 5 minutes.

Few more people started to board the train as few got down. I couldn’t keep track on her as people blocked my vision. My eyes were seeking for her in anyways possible, her blue dress, white earphone or a pony tail. I climbed down and went by the door to look whether she got down on that junction. After ten long minutes without seeing her, the train left the station.

I was wondering what her name would be and where she had gone when I saw her walking towards me from the adjacent compartment. Definitely, her grin this time was directed towards me and with acumen eyes, she looked at me how funny I was.

I returned to my berth with a sigh of relief knowing that the next junction is definitely an hour long from now, hoping to break words with her. I was so excited inside and trying to calm myself. There she stood at the same place wondering how crazy I can be. The hour passed as our conversation started without words. She enquired me what I was doing and wondered at me while I showed her the famous writing of Paulo Coelho in my hand. To my surprise, she was listening to Rahman by that time.

The time came for her to leave, but I didn’t want her to. She got down and started walking towards the exit. I kept on looking at her as she walked away from me and she too turned back to see my couple of times. I didn’t know what just happened but I did know that I liked her. I was disappointed on myself for not talking to her but hoped we would meet again for sure…,

to be continued…,

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19 thoughts on “Love story #1

    1. It was a splendid start.I got drowned into the world of love.Even nugatory aspects were well narrated.Expectancy raised.Keep up the work…….

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