Love story #2


Before going into the story, I want to thank all of you who support me till now…, your suggestions mean a lot to me dears…,

Read Love story #1 for our previous encounter..,


After she left, the next three days were one hell of a ride. We progressed to the semi-finals of our tournament and lost eventually to a bad umpiring decision. It happens right; we have to accept them as sportsmen. By the way, I made some friends in nearby localities and that is how our second meeting happened.

It was three months later when a friend of mine from that famous college invited me to a symposium in his department. I wished to meet her in the same manner and so boarded the same train again. But luck didn’t favor me this time. I went to the so-called college and progressed through the preliminaries to enter design round of an event called “Astro-Q-Del”.

I had a day off to prepare for upcoming rounds and given accommodations in the men’s hostel. But my friend was kind enough to take me to his home as the food was not so good in their hostel. I knew he had a sister, I had not heard a lot about her in our conversations. It was around six in the evening that day, we reached his place, and his mother was waiting outside to invite me. I changed to an informal cloths and his sister was singing nicely in the next room. He called her out to introduce her to me and she comes with the same ID card tag my girl wore at the train. I greeted her and was hesitant to enquire her anything, as it was our first meeting.

I had some chitchat with my friend and we finished our dinner by 9. However, the face of the girl flashed at my mind frequently. We were about to sleep on upstairs where I explained him what had happened the last time when I came to Madurai. He was very surprised and avid to know who she was and did I know anything about her. I kept quiet for a moment thinking about her and my friend broke words “is that my sister?” to which I didn’t respond. He kept on calling my name until I gained sense. I replied in a low voice,  “it’s not your sister. But I can surely say she is from her college”. He agreed to help me find her with a condition, to give him a drink treat if we find her. To which I said “unaku illamaya machi..,” and laughed at him as he was fond of wine.

The sun came early in the morning to greet me good morning, by the time he was all dressed up and talking seriously to her sister. She gave “intha poonaiyum paal kudikuma..,” look while I came down the stairs. I know that he was teasing me but didn’t know by which means. About an hour later, we finished breakfast after which She approached me and asked about the girl I met in train. All three of us boarded the train and I explained everything to her, she too agreed to help me with a demand of 4 dairy milk silk.

The train halted at junction where she got down. With all the details I gave, she could easily find the girl in minutes. Moreover  4 hours later, I received a whatsapp message from her “I think this girl is whom you are looking for” and a photo attached to it. She didn’t find her exactly but the photo had my girl walking on the corridor with a drafter in hand. I was on cloud nine and texted her “Oui genius, not the one you said, the girl walking with a drafter and pink handbag”. So half of my task was done and it’s time to meet her then.

As per plan, I boarded the train one stop before her. My friend was waiting for us in her junction to help me out in this mission. She got into the train 4 compartments from me and my spy also followed her to the train. I had to wait ten minutes till the next stop so I could move to her compartment. Those ten minutes I had ten million thoughts going on my mind about what could happen now, I kept asking myself “will she remember me?”.

The time had come, I was in her compartment. I took a deep breath and approached her. She saw me coming and I could say she was shell-shocked. It all begun with a hi but all she could came up with was “who are you?”.  I knew she was bluffing; she couldn’t prevent herself from smiling. She got off the train in the immediate stop, I didn’t know what her plan was but I followed her. My friend’s sister was smart enough to stay on the train and inform him about the scenario.

Again I arid to start a conversation but failed in all attempts. Eventually she did responded to me when I asked “what about a COFFEE!”. Thank god, my plan was working to perfection. We entered a nearby coffee shop, nicely furnished probably the best place I had to talk with her. It was painted in lavender all over the walls and few books stacked near the entrance. We sat at a table near a window, which had only two chairs. She was in a hurry it seemed coming directly to the matter, “who are you and what do you want from me?”. However, I never thought these questions would be thrown at me, at the right moment my phone rang.  The ringtone sounded as “kuru kuru kangalile enai aval vendrale..,”, it was my mom to whom I lied “mom, I’m in the middle of a seminar, will call you back later.” In the mean time, she ordered two cappuccino for us. I thought it meant she was in a mood to talk. My thoughts were disturbed as she asked what that ringtone was. I am grateful to my mom, as her call changed our conversation. I answered in low voice as couples retreat – ARR.

She seemed to like that song and requested me to share, once we connected through SHAREit, I found her name(let it be unrevealed to you till my next post). It gave my friend and her sister to drove from the next junction and found us in the coffee shop. He showed me the iPod I was about to present her but I had no idea how he would give that to me. To my surprise I saw his sister walking into the shop, she called me by name and pretended to be we never met. She followed as “Aditiya right, you were splendid in the game against our college. Thought your team would win and it would be great if you have won” and extended me her hand. I had a formal handshake to her, said it was nice of her to remember me, and thanked her for the complements. I carried on saying my girl was waiting for me and would catch up sometime later. I was in such an amusement how she clever she was to give out the music pod to me.

The pretty girl sitting there seemed to be astonished on my act as I mentioned her “My girl”. She said, “So Aditiya it is” and suddenly broke into laughter. Our coffee arrived when we had some talks on the previous meeting.  We didn’t had much of a time to know about each other because  she was in a hurry to reach her hostel on time as she got down few stopping before. As she left the table to take rest room, I inserted a memory card full of my music collections and some password protected folders into the iPod.  In the mean time, I picked war and peace by Leo Tolstoy from the stack of books, paid and we exited the shop.

It was nice meeting you I said and said that I am about to leave the city the day after. She expected that I would ask for her number but I had other plans for her. I gave her the book I bought and shook hands with her. This way I placed the iPod in her hand the same way I got. I helped her get an auto rickshaw and told the driver to be careful. She got in and looked at me in eyes. I knew she wanted me to ask for her number or any other way I could keep in touch with her. The auto moved as I waved my hands at the driver signaling to move on..,

Few meters down the road and she stopped the auto, came out and shouted “next eppo meet pannalam?”. I smiled and said, “Call pannu solren”. She stared clueless at me and understood that my gift would carry some in formations in it. She left the place after a sigh of relief and I moved to my friend’s car. I thanked him as well as his sister for helping me out and once the symposium ended left to my college.


Note:  The name of the girl is up to you readers.., you are welcomed to give out names and most liked name in the comment list will be hers.


Stay tuned for upcoming encounters..,


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