Love story #3

A minute of silence:

So, Aditiya did everything he could to make an impression on our pretty girl. Let us see what she had in her mind..,

To know the what happened so far click..,Love story #2



Hi all this is Haritha, yup I am the one this idiot Aditiya keeps on talking about. Actually I was thinking of my dad when he first saw me on the train. I kinda liked him, not because he is handsome. Cause he was innocent enough to blush away when I caught him starring at me. That day, it was all fun for me just because I won’t miss my dad for a moment. But it all struck to me back when he came and said, “hi” after months. Initially I was afraid or may be stunned to see him again. And it was like a day dream when he said that, with his eyes looking into mine and nowhere else. His words fumbled but bold and his smile, WOW!!!, he was charming.

And in that coffee shop, I felt nervous for sure. I kept on asking him questions to hide my fears of messing up the moment. Moreover, thanks to the god, a girl came and talked to him which deviated our conversation that evening. However, I have to admit it, I was jealous on her for shaking hands with him. But he is not like all other guys out there, believe me girls, he is different. And Aditiya, the name matched his appearance quite well. If I’m right, he wore a black shirt with white pant that time, the shoes matched the combination with a black and white finishing.

Moreover, I have never seen a guy having such a wonderful ringtone that too from an AR’s album. After all, he was a romantic hero then. Cleverly planned, his every action made an impression and the way he choose his words was like being a in Mani Rathnam movie, not as an audience but as an heroine. I would say, he made me feel like that way. I was in hurry to leave, yet he was smart enough to get me a gift in between the time I escaped from his vision. As I got in the auto-rickshaw, things got into my mind. Why should he do this and why he leaves knowing nothing about me other than my name.

I am a girl, but it doesn’t mean I should not ask number to guy who impressed me in such a way. I stopped, got down and shouted, “next eppo meet pannalam..?”. Then only I came to know he isn’t an idiot and I was not smart enough to know the reason behind those gifts. I eagerly unwrapped the cover and found the book was “War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy”. I skimmed the pages as fast as I can and found nothing but a smiley drawn on the last page of the book.

My next idea of listening to the iPod too went in vain as I tried for an hour on hearing those files and found nothing. My next few days passed with disappointment as my daily routine of doing sheets meant no interest as it was before. I had no mood on reading the book, as we were unable to contact each other. Thinking of him, I let my phone slip through my hands straight into the water tub. I was low on money and had to go back home so my father can fix it back for me. The service center guy said it needs to be sent Delhi, so that I may get a new phone if it can’t be made to work properly (oh gosh, the warrantee expires one month later only). In the meantime, his iPod was my only company and it reminded me of him whenever I heard a song. I got my sim card as well as memory card, took a simple mobile as spare and came back to college.

The new mobile couldn’t find the protected folders in my memory card, so I tried on my laptop. Suddenly a blub started glowing brightly, actually it was my idea to look for his detail in the memory card from iPod. I put fourth my idea and clicked “unhide hidden folders”. There it is, a folder popped in the name “To my girl..,”. After few tries I opened the folder, obviously his name was it’s password.

As it opened I found three files; an audio clip, an image and a text note. I opened the image and it was his photograph as I expected. I would say it’s the most liked picture by his facebook friends. Then the text file,

 Ivvoru murai malai varum podhum,

                        Nethan malaiyai vanthu vittai..,

                                 Endra nenaipile nenaikindren. 

                                          Malai nindra piragum…!

-Pavan Aditiya.

WOW! He does know how to impress an girl..,

Then finally the voice note and it said as follows,

“I don’t know who you are, what’s your name will be

and whether you will hear this any day or not, I am coming for

you. I will look into your eyes and say that you are the most

beautiful girl I have ever seen and it ever will be the same. I know

you will be thinking of me in the same way as I think of you every

day. I don’t know why I am doing this, even I don’t even know

your name by the moment I record this. I don’t know if its love or

infatuation, whatever it may be.., I’m coming for you dear..,”

He mentioned his number and in a hurry to speak with him, I made a call. But my mind went blank by the second he said “hello..!”, I kept quit and he asked, whose this?. Its almost a minute into the call, I got goose bumps on hearing his voice. My heart was filled with joy and it felt like I am getting a cardiac arrest. All this disasters inside me were put to rest as he said, “apram Haritha ?”

Note: as always looking forward to feedback guys.., thanks to all of you who helped me out on this episode of love story.

Will meet you soon..,


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