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Fantasy (along with its twin sibling, science fiction), is the conceptual test ground for the world we are in the process of constructing, and what that world is like will be ultimately determined by what we find it possible to imagine and what will remain literally unimaginable. via Why Fantasy? — Discover Advertisements

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Academics and Activism by Ivy Helman —

Two weeks ago, I spoke at a conference entitled “The Role of Academia and Religious Leaders in Relation to Refugees and the ‘Refugee Crisis,’” in Bratislava, Slovakia. One of the main questions of the conference was: what role do academics play in the refugee crisis? Are academics activists? Many conference presenters and attendees directly linked […] […]

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Through my education I’d become a trusted source of specialized knowledge. But how could I become the kind of leader who is surrounded with people like me? via On Becoming a Woman Who Knows Too Much — Longreads

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At the University of Washington Press Blog, author and Pacific Northwest environmentalist Kathleen Alcalá shares tips for making everyday life less wasteful and more community-minded. via Ten Things a “Clueless Eater” Can Do to Live More Sustainably — Discover

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